Lightlux lantern, mini

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Lightlux lantern, mini

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Lightlux is a lantern in a contemporary and Nordic design. Lanterns are perfect for lighting up the late summer evenings or shed a light in your home during the winter. Lightlux changes its appearance when lit, as the light elegantly spreads through each narrow glass section, creating room and depth to your décor. Lightlux has diverse functions, for instance as storage for delicious herbs or flowers. The lantern is made from powder coated aluminium with a handle in Grade A teak for a warm touch to the design. The LED solar unit is add-on to the elegant Lightlux lanterns. Shed a beautiful light in the lanterns and create a cosy and homey atmosphere in the outdoor space. The LED solar unit has different settings of light and a timer. Adjust the light with the included remote, where you also can set a timer for how long it should be turned on.

Height: 26 cm | 10.2 inches *

Diameter: 25 cm | 9.8 inches *

Weight: 2.3 kg | 5.1 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on